Aims and Objectives

  1. Liaise with States/ Federal Governments and relevant authorities on behalf of members and investors on economic opportunity within the Odua States.
  2. Liaise with international; organization on behalf of members of investors in exploring economic opportunities within the Odua States.
  3. Organizing international Trade fairs within the region.
  4. Initiating and pursuing legislation that positively affect economic growth and enhances the activities of the various State Councils and Investors in the region.
  5. Act as bridge between local and international organization on potential economic areas within the Odua States.
  6. Assisting members and investors to access funds from local and international financial institution for Economic Development.
  7. Promoting an enabling environment for investment within the Odua States for both local and international investors.
  8. Promoting Economic development within the Odua States through research development, organizing targeted/ customized fairs, seminars and workshop among members.
  9. To bring state councils of Chambers of Commerce together and establish a strong Organized Private Sector(OPS) in Odu’a State
  10. To position the Chamber movement in Odu’a States to cope with the emerging challenges to business development.
  11. To expose the abundant economic, natural and human resources in Odu’a State to the world at large with the aim of attracting physical, social and economic development to Odu’a States
  12. To accelerate the promotion of goods and services within Odu’a States through staging of well- focused Trade Fairs, Workshops, Conferences and making business visits
  13. To work in concert with State Governments of all Odu’a States through the respective State Councils and the Federal Government of Nigeria for the promotion and development of the economy.
  14. To work assiduously with NIGERIAN Association of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture(NACCIMA), bilateral Chambers of Commerce in Nigeria and any other Association in the world for the advancement of the Chamber of Commerce activities; and
  15. To collaborate with and reinforce efforts of other similar organizations such as Manufacturers Association of Nigeria(MAN), National Association of Small and Medium Entrepreneurs (NASME), National Association of Women in Business (NAWIB), AFAN, etc